Hi, I'm Scott! I'm a software engineer in Asheville, NC.

I currently work at Research Square, a company on a mission to help researchers communicate their work more effectively. I do life with my wife and my 3yr old, Maddie. I'm no ninja, rockstar, or wizard. I'm just an experienced engineer with a consistent record of getting things done.

Occasionally, I write…


Gay. Fag. Homo. Rinse, repeat. Day in, day out, this was my existence in High school. These words turned weapons were highly effective in the destruction of my emotional state.

Understand to be understood

My goal in this life is to understand and be understood. But, I'll never get there if I only talk to christians, or white people, or straight people.

Don't criticize the resolute

The truth is, many goals are set on New Year's day, but the decision to change our life isn't limited to a spot on a calendar. Change can start anytime you want, anywhere you want.