Scott Dover

Work Experience

Research Square / Software Engineer

November 2014 - Present

Research Square is a company that helps academic researchers more effectively communicate their work. At Research Square, I’m a software engineer and architect for our researcher application. Here are a few ways I’ve served Research Square recently.

  • Worked to convert our legacy build process (a combination of grunt, bower, assetify, yui compressor, etc) to webpack
  • Created a handlebars templating framework to work with Redux, to give developers the ability to advance their skills while simulatenously supporting Internet Explorer 7+
  • Centralized four versions of our cart into a single cart process that addresses the needs of our partners and researchers
  • Worked with management to deprecate Internet Explorer 7 & 8, in order for React to become a feasible technology our developers use
  • Converted our handlebars-redux code to React, and am currently in the process of converting our legacy code into a single-page React / Redux powered application
  • Added javascript unit testing to our code base, and have been a continuing advocate to encourage our team to test their code
  • Created a pull request bot (posts PRs to Slack) as well as an accompanying UI to ease the transition of our team from Phabricator to Github

EverWondr / Full-Stack Developer

June 2013 - November 2014

Everwondr is an events management platform serving Convention and Visitor Bureaus throughout the state of North Carolina. At Everwondr, I was the sole developer responsible for creating and maintaining the platform.

MadMonk Interactive / Full-Stack Developer

May 2011 - June 2013

I was a full stack developer at MadMonk Interactive, a consultancy primary focused on building websites and applications for non-profits in and around Greensboro, NC.


M.S. Computer Science

Bowling Green State University, Ohio
graduated May 2011

B.S. Computer Science

Clemson University, South Carolina
graduated December 2009


These are awards / recognitions received during my career at Research Square

  • Q1 & Q4, 2015 - Culture Champion Award
  • Q2, 2015 - Dev Tasks Bronze Milestone (100 tasks closed)
  • Q1, 2016 - Dev Tasks Silver Milestone (250 tasks closed)

Skills / Expertise

This list of skills and paradigms used is from most frequent to least frequent use

  • Javascript / React / Redux
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Agile development
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Zend framework 1 - 3
  • Jekyll
  • Ruby
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Slim framework